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Phyrotecnics Esteban Martin

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First Generation

Our company origins goes back to 1895, when José Martín Alvarilla, great-grandfather of the current General Manager, created the company starting a family tradition that will continue from father to son.

José Martín Alvarilla was a merchant seaman whom, while travelling through Italy, had the first contact with gunpowder.

Thus it began a whole pyrotechnic tradition that lasts until today.

Second Generation

In 1925 Francisco Martín Yáñez took over the family business.

These were years of crisis, followed by the Civil War and the post-war period in Spain; and in spite of everything, and the difficulties of the time, together with his sons José, Manolo and Esteban, he continued with the family tradition and the knowledge in phyrotecnics acquired by his father.

Those hard years could not stop the second generation from a total commitment to the business.

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Third Generation

Esteban Martín López, third generation, took over the company in 1963, keeping the family tradition and becoming a key person of the fourth generations.

During the 60’s and 70’s he made great friends in Valencia with some of the most important pyrotechnic families, making numerous trips that resulted in great improvement and modernization of the company. The advancement applied later led to an increase in staff and participation at events in many cities: Granada, Malaga, Almeria and Cadiz and other locations outside Andalusia.

This generation forged the business stability, and with a democracy in our country, he managed to resume the use of fireworks in many events of those days.

Fourth Generation

In 1991, the company was taken over by Esteban Martín Tapia, an industrial technical engineer who started a generation of prepared pyrotechnicians. His leadership brought about the greatest technological advancements in the company.  

That’s when the company experienced a boost that resulted in recognition by the public and the industry itself, with its main policy being professionalism, safety, creativity and quality.

Today, at Pyrotechnics Martín, S.L. they are still artists. They create shows that combines magic, color and sound with the same illusion as if it would be the first day.

Pyrotechnics is an art that develops in the darkness of the night as well as in the clarity of the day, bringing joy and happiness.


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