Tradition & Innovation

Always Avant-garde

Thanks to our pyrotechnic htradition inherited by four generations and 125 years of experience, we are at the forefront of innovation, combining tradition with the latest innovations in the world of pyrotechnics.


Training and Products

Always Quality

Our commercial staff is prepared to advise youon how to make your event unique. Also, you can rely on our technical staff whom specializes in the handling, assembling and firing process for an event demanding quality.


Certification and Qualifications

Safety First

We make the maximum effort to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers by respecting the legal and regulatory requirements in the production process and usage of pyrotechnical products.

.04 Our History

It was in 1895 when José Martín Alvarilla, great grandfather of the current Manager, created the company, starting a tradition that will continue from father to son. José Martín Alvarilla was a seaman merchant and in his travels through Italy he had the first contact with gunpowder.

This is how it began our pyrotechnic tradition that lasts to these days.

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