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The origins of Esteban Martín Pyrotechnic S.L. go back to 1895, when José Martín Alvarilla, great-grandfather of the current Manager, created the company, thus starting a tradition that will continue from father to son.

Thus began a whole pyrotechnic tradition that lasts to this day.

Our knowledge acquired throughout these years has made us one of the most outstanding pyrotechnic companies in the sector.

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We are artists and we create shows of color, music and sound to remember.

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Make your wedding really unique, special and different. Add a special touch with
fireworks on your special day that will make it unforgettable.
Many companies rely on our products, services, creations and advice to provide high quality advertising enhancement to their events.
We enhance any type of event.
Add fireworks at a cruise tours, concert, conventions, congresses, etc.
Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, communions, baptisms
corporate and private events.
Festivals and Fairs
Nuestro trabajo es cultura, arte y tradición, que unido a la ilusión,
pasión y conocimiento, hacemos que la magia de los Fuegos Artificiales
inunden vuestras pupilas.

We are experts in the creation of firework shows all year round. From fiestas popularesbodasprivate parties, weddings or corporate events for advertising purposes. We offer our clients 125 years of experience, four generations of firework enthusiasts and a great team of professionals committed to creating shows of light, colour and sound, with professionalism and quality as our main policy.

Do you want a unique event?
We can help you.

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125 years of experience. We provide our expert service in Spain and abroad. Quality – Safety – Professionalism.

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  • Lomas de La Gorgoracha, Finca La Calerilla 18616 Vélez de Benaudalla (Granada)

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